Learn Spanish in Bogotá: Universidad Nacional

It depends on why, which specific skill and what level of Spanish you wanna learn, but let me share my case.

I chose Universidad Nacional de Bogotá. Why? It’s because the tuition is cheap(Private school costs about double), it has opportunity to meet young smart Colombians on campus, and the schedule was perfect for me. *For the latest info, please check at uni web or ask directly.

Application Process

  1. Apply Online
  2. Line up at “Banco Popular” to pay tuition (COP1,596,800 for two terms)
  3. Go back uni with reciept and receive visa support documents
  4. Go to Oficina Pasaportes to obtain student visa TP3 or permission to study in Colombia
  5. Take Replacement test (Optional)
  6. Class start

One term lasts about two months and class hour is from 4pm to 6pm from Monday to Friday. Just 10 hours a week? That’s what I thought, but honestly it’s heavy, as a beginner. Replacement test allocates applicants into 5 levels.

Application schedule case of 2016 August:

    1. Online application became available from 19th July, about 10days before class starts
    2. Bear up again long cue at bank, go straight to uni
    3. Oficina Pasaportes opens 7:30 to noon, so make sure to arrive as early as possible to avoid long cue
    4. Replacement test was 28th July
    5. class starts at 2nd August

Some other language schools provides intensive 4 hours/day or private lesson in order to focuse on speaking. After spending three weeks at class, so far no complain. Again, it’s up to your level and motivation.

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