Japanese and Korean cuisine in Bogotá: Motomachi

Japanese Korean restaurant in Bogotá: Motomachi

Please allow me this blurred pic from iPhone.

Motomachi(FB page) is the one of famous Japanese and Korean restaurants in Bogotá, run by Japanese and Korean. The VIP from Japan for such business trips in Bogotá comes here for dining, so the tastes are guaranteed. The menu includes dishes from Japanese appetizers to Sushi, Sashimi, Tonkatsu, Udon, Tempura, and so on. Plus, good thing here, they have Korean BBQ.

(as I was with vegetarian, I’ll definitely try them at next time…)

Atmosphere is, nothing special to me but, a bit unique compared with the most of Colombian restaurants, as I could feel like I was in at-home Japanese restaurant in Japan.

At the Friday night I went, there were Japanese with Colombian, Korean family, and Korean expats and so-on. I noticed that there were not many solo Colombian group, or simply “gringos”, foreigner group. They may prefer “WOK”, Asian cuisine where I also love, spending same amount of money, as “WOK” has more stylish interior and is suitable for special occasions: fancy Japanese dinner. Good marketing. However, Motomachi stays more faithful to original. Different style.

The price, of course, isn’t reasonable compared with dining elsewhere in Colombia, but not too expensive in the Japan standard. This may be one of the reasons many Japanese or Korean expats settle here. FYR, it was around COP180,000 in total for two persons in my case. We were nearly full. Again, it is up to how much you want to give yourself over to Japanese Sake or Sushi.

While booking, don’t forget to ask whether they have fresh “Atún”, Tuna, is ready on table for you.

Motomachi https://www.facebook.com/motomachibogota/

Direction: Cra.18a #108-36, Bogotá (Not Calle 96)
Tel: (031) 7041239

Type “Motomachi” at google map as this address above in Google map points slightly detached spot.

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