Learning Spanish Tip

As it has been nearly a month since Spanish class has started, I still just understand half of what a teacher is talking about. Everyone is laughing her joke, and I’ll be one of a few don’t get it. It’s really painful and fatigue but this keeps my motivation up at the same time.

This is the one of the amazing site for learning vocabularies. It’s because we can learn

  • from visually
  • the proper pronunciation for one click
  • typing and listing at quiz
  • from beginner to advanced level
  • Free

Thank you internet. It’s better than existing study guide with audio, as we can listen proper pronunciation just clicking that pic. Furthermore, as we not only read, listen, and memorize them, the site let you type them in quiz, which is more proactive study. People including me tend to delude themselves into thinking that “easy! I memorized them” after reading once. No, we don’t. Need proactive study.

As some words are so useless like “curita”, BAND-AID, everyone know one as BAND-AID. I know it’s proper noun, Johnson & Johnson’s product name, but everyone knows. However, we may never memorize them unless we try to, and it is awkward to interrupt the every conversation, asking “Lo siento, Qué es curita?”.


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