Want Colombian friends? Use HelloTalk app

Well, whatever you want, google it first. Yes, you googled and reached here. Good. From the conclusion, HelloTalk app is amazing to make Colombian friends. It’s language exchange app to find right “partner” or “teacher” in order to improve your target language and you’ll also be one of them teaching with your mother-tongue.

Nothing special in this 21st century to use such matching app, but again, internet is amazing.. Off course it’s free, thank you Chris Anderson for the analysis of Free business.


  • Displayed people in the app are generally nice as they are interested in your language and culture
  • Free but off course you spend time to teach
  • It’s “language app”, so you can’t enlarge profile pic. Hilarious
  • With correct-function, your misspell or sentences can be obvious. It depends how passionate your partner are.

I’ve been passive just waiting for any contacts, then I received 5 requests at the first week. Two Colombian men, two Colombian women, and one El Salvador woman. My mother-tongue is Japanese, so I could imagine the popular European languages may be requested endlessly. As I recommended to my Swedish friend to use this app, he found two Colombians from Bogotá who want to learn Swedish. Cool, isn’t it.

You may repeat introducing yourself, how you feel, or what you are doing, to multiple people. SICK! but at the same time, you realized that those phrases in Spanish were already in your spinal cord. You don’t even think in your brain to output them. IT IS EVENTUALLY THE FASTEST WAY TO LEARN FOREIGN LANGUAGE. HelloTalk is highly recommended.

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