“Colombia’s national government plans to within weeks shut down all operations of taxi service Uber that continues to operate in the country in spite of being banned over a tax and labor dispute.”


“According to the Colombian government, Uber is illegal because it has failed to timely register as a company, pay taxes and abide to labor laws.”

That’s important to be in good relationship with authorities in order not to be bothered in other-than-main-business matters. What’s most important for their businesses and country is customer satisfaction, isn’t it? People use taxi not public transportation because they want security, comfort, saving time, and satisfaction. I have never wanted to say “Muchas Gracias” to yellow cab driver in Bogotá as those prime factors were not met. You cannot complain to drivers with poor Spanish when driver detoured and overcharged, obviously.  Many of my foreign friends feel the same.

No make sense to exclude citizen’s options. IT IS ABSOLUTELY PROTECTIONISM FOR VESTED INTEREST. NOBODY WANT TO TAKE YELLOW CAB, AS DRIVERS STAY RUDE ATTITUDE, I mean “no-customer-service-mind”, AND sometimes NOTORIOUSLY BECOME ROBBERS. Disappointed.

source: http://colombiareports.com/colombia-seeks-shut-uber-entirely-within-weeks/

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