SUMO RAMEN: Classic Japanese Ramen in Medellin

sumo ramen @medellín

This is the only Ramen(Japanese noodle) shop in Medellin, Colombia as of now.  Precisely, Formosa(Gmap) provides pretty tasty Beef noodle soup, but that is typical Taiwan noodle and not exactly Japanese noodle. 


Ramen Frio

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Hours: Tue – Sun  12:00‐15:00, 18:00―21:30
(Mon is off, as of March 2017)
Address: Cra. 36 #8A-131, Medellín, Antioquia

Taking the opportunity to visit Medellin, I made a visit to SUMO RAMEN at Poblado, Medellin. I believe it’s been still a few months since it has opened but it seems enough popular to fill the shop. I went two times at lunch and the seats were constantly occupied.

The interior decorating seems still temporal, not fancy at all. But this reminds me more authentic ramen shop in Japan, as those owners are tended to be crazy to improve the “taste”, not interior decorating. Artisan. Personally I don’t believe a fancy noodle shop nor japanese restaurants outside of Japan, taking advantage of the name of “Japanese food”. Look, at least ramen in japan is for casual occasion, not for special.

So, the taste? Pretty good. The noodle is handmade and has certain texture just as well, and the soup is Tokonkotsu Shoyu, which is based on soy source and pork born broth. You may say “¡Ah que rico!” spontaneously. There still has parts to improve but good enough to feel Japan. Try it if you pass or live in Medellin.

One more thing, the owner loves the sumo wrestling and therefore he named the shop in this way. Don’t be surprised that he is way skinny.

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